Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Day #29 - The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge, 2023 - It's a Wrap!

We've reached the final day of The Cat Lovers Challenge in memory of Janis. I promise this won't turn into an Oscar acceptance speech, but I do want to thank everyone who has been involved in making this a month of fun and memories to celebrate the life of our much-missed friend, Janis.

Thanks to our fabulous Sponsor Family, to the Design Team folk who played along, to our Elf, Gail and to Janis's Helpful Hoppers who crafted and commented and blogged their hearts out, and who have been such a huge and vital part of this challenge. Thanks also to all YOU amazing participants for your endless enthusiasm, creativity and kindness - you have all been amazing. Finally, I'd like to thank Janis's son, James, for giving his blessing to this challenge. It's been a pleasure and a privilege to be able to remember Janis in this way. 



The linky gallery closes today, but the comments will remain open for individual posts. Please note, any comments made on Game posts after today will not be included in the RANDOM DRAWS.

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If you manage to work your way through all the links in the gallery and comment on every single project, you can link up your name at the bottom of this post to be in the special drawing for the Super Commenter Prize

NOTE:  I realise that some are not members of all the different platforms (FB, IG, Flickr, SCS, etc.) where our participants may have posted and therefore you will not be able to comment on those projects.  You can still qualify for the Super Commenter drawing IF YOU MENTION IN THE COMMENTS BELOW which platforms you are not a member of, but that you commented on EACH of the other posts. 

VERY IMPORTANT:  To be eligible for the Super Commenter prize, you MUST comment on all the projects AND link up your name in the linky tool below.

Thanks so much for your participation in this challenge. I will now to work with Rudolph the Random Reindeer to draw our winners... it'll be quite a process with this many prizes, so please bear with Rudie and me. Hopefully, I'll get the Winners Post up in a few days time. See you then.


I wanted Janis to have the final say, so here's what her Cat Lovers Hops, 

and the community of cat loving crafters she formed, meant to her...

"It is sooooooo much fun!!! Your kind words and enthusiastic participation during our Hops bring me so much joy.  Our Cat Hop Family truly has become a warm fuzzy community, laughing (and sometimes crying) with each other as we share the stories of our cats.  We might not visit each others' blogs regularly throughout the year, but it is like a reunion each October when we are all back together again.  For this, I am so very grateful to each of you!!  These events are a way I can show my appreciation to you, my paper crafting, cat-loving friends all over the world.  I hope you enjoy the Hops as much as I do!"

Rest in peace, Janis, we will carry you in our hearts.

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #29 -  which is the 
FINAL DAY of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. 
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but please note that this closes at 11.55 pm GMT tonight.  

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  1. A great big hug to all those involved in making this Challenge so much fun!

  2. So nice to read Janis's words again, and I couldn't agree more with everything she wrote. I have lots of happy memories of past Cat Lovers Hops for sure. This month-long challenge has been a lot of fun and such a wonderful way to honour Janis's memory. She would have enjoyed it so much. Thanks to you and your elf Gail for all you've done to make it enjoyable for everyone, and your kind words on my cards are so appreciated!

    Yes, I've thanked all of the sponsors this month - their generosity certainly makes the challenge more fun with so many kitty prizes! And I'm all caught up with commenting on every link-up, except the two who entered without a blog. I just finished #161 and will check in again before bed so I can get to every last entry. I've been blown away by all of the talented cat loving crafters! I also noticed some newbies who joined for the first time, which is so nice! I only wish more of the participants had hopped around to visit each other as that's the community spirit that always made the Cat Lovers Hops so special. It's been a blast, Jo! Such a fun month! Thank you!!!

  3. Thanks for a wonderful month full of kitty goodness!!

  4. Hi Jo! I've been and commented on each post I could - cant on IG, Split Coasters, fb sorry about that, would have if I could have! What a treat its been, so much inspiration for my new found love of card making. (very big smile)

  5. Jani's words are so true!!! I met Mandy and Kitty again and I really hope that we will all meet here again next year in October and spend happy and creative days together again. And I can't thank you, dear Jo, and all the other helpers and sponsors often enough for the work you've done!!! Gundi

  6. Such a nice way and wonderful idea to include Janis' words in this post and they are so true! Thank you again, Jo, for organizing this wonderful cat lovers event for us to take part in, and thank you to all the wonderful helpers!

    I commented on all entries from blogs, splitcoast and flickr, but not on Instagram or Facebook. And there was one entry that just opened as a photo with no way to comment on. I also hopped on to all the sponsors' pages yesterday and left a comment on either their blogs or youtube. But could not find a way to comment on Old Island Stamp Company. So nice for all of these companies to be part of this wonderful hop!

  7. this was so great blog hop.
    and beautiful way to remember our dear Janis.
    I would like to thank all sponsors and you for organazing this Cat lovers blog hop.
    I had so much fun!
    Sadly I couldnt comment on all enteries but I did comment on most of them.
    awww this is so beautiful to include Janis words. ❤
    I thanked to sponsors. They are so amazing !
    I would like to thank all who came and left me nice words on my projects.
    hugs to all cat lovers friends! 😻

  8. Such a fun month of enjoying all the kitty creations and remembering Janis! Thanks so much, Jo, and to Gail and all the Helpful Hoppers! Another special thanks to the fabulous sponsors!

  9. Hi Jo! I finally had time to finish hopping and commenting. So many fun cards in the lineup. I've hopped over to the sponsors and thanked them for their generosity. There's so many! So wonderful to have this kind of response. I think I may have missed a SplitCoast entry or two, I was having trouble logging in but was able to log in today. Thanks so much for putting this together.

  10. Yay! I have finished to hop and comment! I think to have commented any post in the gallery, but as I'm not on socials (only blogger), I haven't commented on Instagram, FB, SCS and Flickr, and neither on n° 80 because, as Ellie said, there is only a photo on InLinkz. I want say thank you to all those that commented on my blog and I'm sorry if I haven't been able to comment on their works on these platform, but I admired their creations.
    A BIG thank you to all the Super Sponsors, I hopped also there but I'm not sure to have done it on all. Hopping hopping I was a bit dizzy! :D LOL
    A VERY BIG thank you to you, Jo, for all you have done to put all together and follow it so well!! And a VERY BIG thank you also to Gail and the Helpful Hoppers! Such great Team!! Has been a fabulous celebration to honour Janis and I'm sure that her and her family have loved it...
    This final post melted my heart... especially how you finished it quoting Janis' thoughts and words. ❤ I think we all agree with her.
    Big hugs to the Team and to all the cat lovers friends.
    It would be so nice if this event could be done again next year... I will write a letter for Santa about this :D LOL


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