Sunday, October 29, 2023

Day #27 The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - It's National Cat Day!


Hi, it turns out today is...

National Cat Day 

in the USA

You can find some fun kitty stuff on the link above.

It looks as if different countries celebrate their kitty companions on different days of the year! So, if you're celebrating today give your cat/s an extra big cuddle, and if you're not celebrating National Cat Day give your cat/s an extra big cuddle!


And if you are a fan of Simon's Cat take a look at this fun, short film here or visit the website here

News from the Rescue...
Meet Nandor - 8 weeks old and looking for his forever home.


However you spent today, have fun!

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #27 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. Happy National Cat Day!! Sweet Nandor & fun kitty cartoons, Jo! The one with the cat peeking into the cupboard reminds me of my friend Karen's cats. Her Boy Kitty would open the cupboard, pull out a packet of cat snacks, open it & share it with Girl Kitty! We sat in her kitchen quietly having coffee and watched him do it - very cheeky! My orange tabbies preferred the frig. One would jump from the counter to the frig top and sprawl out. The other actually climbed into the frig and laid on a shelf while I was inloading groceries!! I'll have to find the photo I funny!

  2. Happy National Cat Day! Coco gets extra treats today!
    Very fun memes and an adorable Rescue kitty! I hope Nandor finds a good home!

  3. What fantastic posts you have done for the Cat Lovers, each post is fun and wonderful. xx

  4. I love Simon's Cat! Everyday is Cat Day here. Though it's naptime now so everyone is comfortably asleep.

  5. Hahaha, so funny! I enjoyed those very much! Happy National Cat Day! The little sweetie Nandor is adorable, hopefully will find a forever home soon!

  6. Happy national cat day to all the USA friends and cats! How cute is Nandor! Fingers crossed for finding a good home for him! Hilarious memes, the cat that is searching in the cupboard seems my Rosso! :D

  7. I love Simon's Cat. He always observes very well and implements it perfectly in his cartoons. And every day is cat day for us, our cats take care of that!!!

  8. Bahahaha! Why are most memes so spot on?! Because they're created by cat owners! These are perfect! And happy 'National Cat Day' to everybody who is owned by a cat or twelve!

  9. Happy National Cat day!
    awww Nandor is so sweet!
    ahhaha haha that mems are so fun!

  10. Such fun cat memes for National US Cat Day, love them all and have to say my cat even does that when I am home LOL. But just Thomas my orange tabby, my other one seems well behaved. But maybe she's the sneaky one and waits until we're not home. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with these cute memes!!


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