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Day #19 - The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - A Trip Down memory Lane...


Hi everyone, welcome to Day #19 of our tribute challenge where we're celebrating Janis Woolbright fellow crafter and host of the Cat Lovers Hops

It's wonderful to have so many of Janis's original Cat Lovers Hop participants on board for our current challenge. I thought it would be fun to add the links for all the Hops below so returning players can have a little reminisce and new players can enjoy the fun of past Hops. I think I'm right that each badge features one of Janis's own cat family.

This is the very first Hop card to appear in the Linky Gallery for Hop #1 and it was made by Janis herself. Isn't it lovely! I wish I could tie glorious bows like that. I love that sweet image and sentiment.

It's great to look back and see so many familiar sponsors and so many of our current participants on board from Hop #1. Janis's Helpful Hoppers are all long term participants and fans of the Hops, and it's great to see their names right from the off. You gals are awesome! BTW, there were an amazing #120 cards in the linky gallery for this Hop. That is some achievement for Year #1.

Janis's gorgeous autumnal beauty kicked-off Hop #2...

An amazing #190 players participated in this Hop. I don't think Janis linked-up a card during this year as I didn't spot her in the Gallery. I remember this was the first year her Hop really caught my attention, but it was over and done before I could get a card made as I was very busy working at this time.

Look what caught my eye as I was looking through the posts! Does anyone else remember this card by long term Hopper, our very own elfin Gail? I know I do. Take a look at her original blog post to find out the genius way she created the cat fur.

Cat Lovers Hop #4

My first ever time playing at The Cat Lovers Hop - I was NOT going to miss out this time around! There were an amazing #243 cards and kitty creations in 2018.

So many fabulous sponsors AND #288 cards in the gallery! I loved reading this post because Janis had a little look back at previous Hops and commented on how the event had changed and developed over the years. 

The list of sponsors was just endless for this year and there were #202 cards, tags, pictures and feline fun gracing the gallery.

A grand total of #229 cards and crafty goodness appeared in the gallery for this year. 2021 was the year that Janis got hit with Covid in September and the Helpful Hoppers received heaps of thanks for helping make the hop possible that year!

Beautiful Othello looks positively majestic on the badge for 2022. An amazing #219 cards were linked in the gallery. 

I hope you've enjoyed this little look back and celebration of The Cat Lovers Hops. Wasn't it just a genius idea that Janis had? And how wonderful to see how many of you started playing in Year #1 and continued to participate year after year. It's such a pleasure to be hosting this remembrance of one very talented lady. 


As you can see our little white cat is very excited because we'll randomly draw a name for our cute mascot in just a few days time. Please make sure you've entered your suggestions in the comments for Day #9. There are some fabulous, funny suggestions in the comments attached to this post (you guys totally rock!). 

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #19 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. I was there since Day 1 and still have every single one of those badges on my side bar (very big heart) I made all sorts of projects (probably not one card lol) and loved every singe year... and Jo, I've absolutely loved this year with a new found love of making cards - I think I'm slowly improving as the days go by. I'm making one for every day - cant seem to stop! And not to mention the stamps I have found in my hidden forever stash until this month!! I can remember the huge amount of entries, and getting around them all trying to comment... saw a lot, learnt a lot! (Just as well I'm retired!)

  2. Wonderful to look back at these creations from past years! It certainly was fun to discover Janis' event back then and to join in with our favorite theme of kitties! Enjoying this beautiful tribute to her with your challenge!

  3. Lovely trip down Memory Lane, Jo - I never got around to submitting a card but there were some beauties entered along the way, including yours!

  4. This is a wonderful post Jo! It's so nice to look back. You and I started participating in the same year. I'm off to hop around and take a trip down memory lane.

  5. I enjoyed seeing all the past badges and all of Janis's wonderful cards! All of her cards were so sweet and pretty!

  6. How sweet of you Jo making a short history of the Cat Lovers Blog Hop! Love this post, a great way to celebrate Janis!

  7. Oh, the memories! I remember all of those badges, where Janis lovingly chose one of her cats to be the "poster cat" each year. After reading this post I had to walk down memory lane on my own blog, and I took a look at all of my previous Cat Lovers Hop cards and projects. It seemed there must have been no limit fro some hops because one year I had a dozen entries LOL! My mojo was alive and well that year LOL! Then in 2017, I wasn't blogging for many months so I participated from my Flickr account. That year I was working on my kitty scrapbook pages. Never did finish this project but one of these days I will. I certainly talk about it enough (to hubby). Thank you for this memory post - it made me happy yet a little sad. Janis was a blessing for sure. I am thoroughly enjoying this month, Jo, thank you very much for honouring Janis with your challenge. You are a blessing as well! Your challenge is already a complete success in my opinion! You've already got the 120 entries that Janis had her first year, and there is still lots of time left! I will be maxing out my 6 cards with my final entry next week. Now I must go get caught up on my commenting! Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday.

  8. Wonderful trip down memory lane with each year Janis hosted her hop. I wish I could remember exactly how Janis & I started conversing with each other. I think it was a challenge, before she started the cat lovers hop. I did miss 2017 as my Mom passed in October that year. We were extremely close and she got me started in the crafting world by teaching me to cross stitch at the age of 21. Anyway, a very sad time for me and so I never once thought about the hop (and I do love my hops and challenges!! lol).
    I know Janis is so very proud of everyone for continuing in her memory. And she is laughing at all the memes and kitty antics with us. <3 <3 <3

  9. Sometimes I'm still annoyed that I didn't find the Catlovers Hop sooner, but I'm so grateful that you took care of it and that we can continue playing. Thank you for this little journey back in time!!! Hugs Gundi

  10. I started participating in the hops in 2019. I hadn't met Janis yet prior to 2019, so I didn't know about them. I sure enjoyed myself once I got involved! Thank you so much for going back to the first one for those of us who missed the first few! <3

  11. Aww, how lovely. I remember som eof those cards, especially my own bwahaahahahaha. Thanks for including it. Hugz

  12. A wonderful look back at the cards from each hop. Only wish I too had discovered it sooner! I would have loved to be part of it from the beginning.

  13. oh this is beautiful look back.
    I even cried a little bit.
    Janis always made gorgeous cards.
    She is missed...
    your card is very nice.
    Sponsors are amazing,thanks to all sponsors!


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