Monday, October 30, 2023

Day #28 - The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - The Penultimate Day of Our Challenge


Welcome back, it's the last-but-one day of our tribute challenge for our friend, Janis.

Gail's Tic-Tac-Toe closes today at 11.55 pm BST.

Our Challenge wraps-up tomorrow, and I very much hope everyone has enjoyed coming together to craft, chat about cats and have fun in memory of our dear friend, Janis. For me, there have been many joys in putting together this challenge, but I've especially enjoyed getting to know the wonderful team who helped Janis with her Hops and have helped make this memory challenge such a special event.

Let's hear it for Janis's Helpful Hoppers...

I think these gals deserve to take a bow, so I'm sharing some of the gorgeous cards they've made for this event! If you've not already done so, please drop over to their blogs and leave them some love.

And I hope Mandy won't mind me sharing this beautiful piece of art she posted in 2015 that I spotted when I was doing the Trip Down Memory Lane post.

Thanks are also due to Karen who helped with the preparation for the challenge, but wasn't able to play along.

Also, a big thank you to my blogging buddy Gail for all her 
help, encouragement and support.


Thanks again, guys, you have been amazing.


As I said above one of the joys of this challenge has been making new friends. The lovely Alice in Italy is one of those friends and she's kindly offering a sweet digital image for free for anyone who contacts her via the link in her post here. Thanks, Alice, that's so lovely of you. 


Next, here's some Rescue news...

Guess who went to her new home over the weekend - Paget did!
I've loved looking after this affectionate little girl.

It's ok, Puffin, you're safe now. We'll find you a wonderful fur-ever home.


  Beautiful Minnie is growing in confidence and has really warmed-up with the volunteers.

It's been 'all change' over the weekend at the Rescue with at least three emergency cases. I look forward to getting to know them all over the coming week.


Finally, Memes anyone?

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #28 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. Such a very special challenge is only possible with many hard-working helpers and I would also like to thank everyone here who made this great challenge possible. You're great!!!
    And also a big thank you to all the helpers at the rescue station!!
    God bless you!! Gundi

  2. Oh wow, near the finish already! I've loved every minute! So many wonderful cards - so much inspiration! LOL, I did get a surprise to see one of my art journal pages on the post, and really happy you chose it, thank you xx
    Ps, the little Rescues... oooh Padget got a forever home! YAY, hope the others get their humans sooooon~

  3. Bahahaha, love the memes, as usual! Great news for Paget - and I sure hope the other fur babies find furrever homes soon! A HUGE thanks to YOU for organizing this event and to all of your helpers - you all sure created some absolutely gorgeous and fun cards! If you do this again next year, please feel free to contact me - I'd love to help out!

  4. Thanks to all the helpers - such great inspiration!! Fun memes again, Jo - my little Licorice loved to play with the toilet paper if I left any sheets dangling (I learned not to...). Love the rescue kitty feature too - thanks for the update on finding new homes!!

  5. I'm fixing to enter my last card. I so appreciate and thank you all for the hard work that so many of you have put in to this hop/challenge. I can't even imagine how much time and love for Janis has gone into this. Thank you to the sponsors as well. [Bunny]

  6. It's been a wonderful tribute to Janis! I've enjoyed the posts and all the inspiration, memes, cartoons, info, photos and games! Thank you for all the work that goes into a big event like this, and thanks to the helpers and sponsors too! Janis would be so touched!

  7. Girls made amazing kitty cards!
    Im so honored to participate in Cat Lovers blog hop!
    Oh puffin is super adorable!
    Minie is beautiful cat!
    ahah these memes are so fun hahhaa!
    Thank you Jo for everything you done for this blog hop!

  8. All the helpers did a wonderful job. Their cards were awesome and they left such nice comments on my blog. Hope they are eligible for the prizes, too!

  9. It seems so strange to me that this is the penultimate day! Time flies! I enjoyed so much all the challenge month!! Thank you SO very much for all you did, Jo!! And thanks so much to all the Janis's Helpful Hoppers and to Gail!! You all together did a HUGE work, and deserve to take the bows... and I'm sure that Janis is smiling even if we can't see her. So much fabulous creations and inspirations from you all! I wish I had more time to hop and look at all the entries, but I was not able, they are so much! Perhaps I will visit still someone now and in the next days.
    I'm very happy for Paget! She is very beautiful! And that little scrambled Puffin melts my heart, he surely have had bad times, I can see it in his eyes. How lucky he is to be at the Rescue Centre with sweet volunteers! Hope that Puffin and Minnie, as well all the other cats, will find quickly a good accommodation in forever homes!!
    Just love the meme with that kitty fighting with the toilet paper!! Look at his face while being caught! Ah ah!! :D :D And sister Felicity Immaculata, how fun!

  10. Lots of wonderful inspiration from the helpful hoppers and thank you so much for organizing this event in memory of Janis. Happy news for Paget too, such a beautiful kitty as they all are!! And always enjoy the cat memes :)

  11. Thanks to you, Jo, your partner Gail, and to all of Janis's Helpful Hoppers! Everyone's kitty cards are so cute! It's been a joy getting reacquainted with you all again! It was a fun month of Christmas kitties! The Rescue kitties are just precious, and I would love to take these furbabies home with me to love! I hope they find someone soon! Yay for Paget, such good news for this sweetie!


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