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Day #23 The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - Game #6 Nicknames for your Cat!


Welcome to DAY #23 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge in memory of our dear friend, Janis, where it's time to play another fun game to increase your chances of being a RANDOM WINNER.

I've borrowed this badge from a fabulous website called Cole and Marmalade which, along with The Kitten Lady, is one of my most favourite cat-themed 'virtual' places to visit. The teams behind both these sites do so much to help the feline community around the world and they deserve all the support and encouragement we can offer.

So, what nicknames do you have for your cat?

We all have so many nicknames for our cats it's a wonder some of them know their names at all! My beloved cat, Custard, also rejoiced in the nicknames Mister C, Custy, Cooost-ard (best said in a truly terrible fake French accent), The Amazing Mr C, Custy Trousers, Custy Wusty Bib Bobs, Ronny Rocket (he was quite speedy in his youth), Fester MacGrotbag of the Clan McGrotbag, and Loony Toons, plus some other I can't bring to mind at the moment. You get the picture! 

Please share your cat's name and nicknames in the comments below! Just one comment per person for this game, please. Rudolph the Random Reindeer will be picking a RANDOM WINNER from your entries.

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #23 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. We have had so many nicknames for our cats over the years, but I will just list a few here. We call Sweet Pea the nicknames of Sweetie, Snow Pea, and Sad Eyes. Honeydew was called Big Dew, Baby Dew, Dew Boy, and Clicky-toes. Kiwi was known as Kiwi Dew and Box Boy. Snowie had a lot of nicknames: Snow Bug, Lamb Chop, Little Lamb, Belly Girl, and Girly Girl. I had to giggle at some of the names you had for Custard, so cute! This was a fun game, with lots of happy memories, thank you. Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

  2. We don't have a cat, but we do have an adorable miniature schnauzer who sometimes behaves like a cat (washes her face with her paw, loves to play with balls of wool, very skilled at pouncing on her assorted stuffies...). Her name is Lily. Her nicknames: Baboo, Lily Muffin Bean (given to her by her daycare lady), Lily Muffin Bean Sweet Baboo, Sweetie and, my favourite: Silly Lily...because sometimes she most certainly is!

  3. We didn't use many nicknames but here are a few - our boy Smokey we'd call Smokey Bear or sometimes just Bear. My girl Pequeña (Spanish for "little one") I'd call Little One - she was very petite and cuddly. Wow Jo - you had tons of nicknames -so fun!

  4. I like this game! : ) You Jo and Kitty have a lot of nicknames to share, wow! I have only a few for my actual cats, I will try to translate in English as possible.
    Biancone >> Pan Bauletto (a name of a sandwich bread by an Italian brand, because he is a very fat and low cat), or Me-Me (the sound he makes when he speaks with me). Minnina >> Gufetta ("little female owl"), she resembles a owl. Rosso >> Ma-Mao (the sound he makes when he speaks with me). Brigante >> Figone (a very cool cat, a hottie! LOL). Minè >> Rompina ("little annoying", as when she wants cuddles, she is really pain. No matter what I'm doing, she just impedes me from doing it until I stop and have to give all my attentions to her. If I'm walking she makes me trip over, if I'm sitting at the table she hangs on my legs with all its 5 kilos...). Dory >> Dorella Miagolini (A parody of Lorella Cuccarini, a show girl), Polpettina ("little meatball"), Patatina ("little chip").
    Hope that the nickname "Sad Eyes" of Sweet Pea (Kitty's new cat) don’t last long and becomes "Trust Eyes" ... : )

  5. Yes, Minnie is my smoocher, she wants to be carried around all day, she gets called Min-min, Minnie-min, Mini Minor, Minnie Mouse, Minnie girl, Baby girl.
    Yassi gets Yass or Yassi girl and 'Stealthy' as she is expert at sneaking off to either take or finish off Minnie's food as she is greedy and Minnie is a grazer.
    LOL Jo! Love your 'french accent', found myself saying it !!

  6. Y'all, I don't have a cat so I'm going to borrow one of FT Fit Kitty's names which is Lamb Chop because I actually have a finger puppet created by Shari Lewis who is called Lamb Chop. I loved that puppet. No, it's not a cat. But, we'll pretend. I have a good imagination.

  7. Such cute names for Custard! I make up my cats' names as I go so don't remember them all but here are the main ones:
    Thomas (my orange tabby): Fluffnugget (his main nickname), O'Malley the Alleycat, Cat, Sillybird, Squirmy, Thoooomas (said the German way), Cat, Bully, Stinker, Munchkin, Sweets, Rat
    Fussy (the Gray-ish longhair): Fussnugget, Princess, Cat, Flooffy, Missy, Cutiepie
    (Can you tell who's more often up to no good? LOL)

  8. Puddie is usually always puddie, unless she has done something undesirable and then she's 'Your Cat'.

  9. I call them Buddy or Kitty, all of them :) Not very original or unique. LOL

  10. We had a cat that came to us about this time of the year and I named it Pumpkin. Never called it pumpkin, though. Always called it Punky. We also had a Sargent Sneeze, who sneezed all the way home from the shelter, that we nicknamed Sarg. My mother has a cat that is named Angel. Since she has made it perfectly clear that she does not like me, I just call her cat.

  11. We just got 4 new baby kittens and one of them is all black. Her name is Shadow and we call her the Shadow Monster because she is a wild and crazy terror!

  12. Coco, AKA The Cat of Many Names..... When we got her at the shelter, they had named her Ankh. We didn't care for that name and decided on Coco. Coco soon got nicknamed Coco Puff. That turned into 'Puff' or 'Puffer' and even 'Big Puff'. She has also been called 'Coco Loco' and 'Big Girl' and probably a few others I can't think of at the moment!

  13. Reading back over the post, may I case "Custy Wusty Big Bobs"? Excellent nickname!

  14. A great game and of course, each of our cats had and has nicknames. Our Emma has the most nicknames, I don't know why. It's a bit difficult to translate nicknames, but I'll try. I like to call them sugar snail, mouse doll and pug mouse. My husband likes to call her Fat Berta because she is the heaviest and roundest of all our cats... *laugh*.

  15. Oh my, we've had so many cats over the years...our last cat was Lucky - he was a stray and he was "lucky" he found us. He started off with a broken leg so he was Hop-along, Mr. Cat, Fat Cat, King Lucky and so many more. He was a sweetie and tolerated all of the dogs that came and went in his lifetime. I miss him.

  16. Here's a few nicknames fro ours.
    P.J.-Fussy Britches, Pooh Bear
    Miley-Baby Girl
    Freddy Cougar-Freddy Fred

  17. OMGoodness, we have many! Fruitloop became Poophead when she'd scratch the furniture when her daddy left her which evolved over the years to Poopie; BoogerBritches became Booger; BusyBritches (Booger's twin sister) became Busy; Gray became Itty Bitty and is now Ashton (he's so regal); Jack has become Jack-Man; Tigger has become Tig (or Tig-Man); Dusty has become Dust-Man the Dust-Pan; Fogg has become Frank (or Fogg-Man); Tater has become Mama's Sweet Tater; Creamsicle is now Cream-Cream; Mustard became Colonel (short for Colonel Mustard); Loki is now Little Man. These are to name a few, lol! ;)

  18. We have nickname for Speedy,we call her chuby because she is little bit chuby :D
    Coffee we call Queen.

  19. It is funny but all cats are Kitty for us ... Not very original; I know ...


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