Friday, October 20, 2023

Day #18 The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - Kitty's Wordsearch: The Answers

Welcome to Day #18 of our Challenge where we're remembering our friend and fellow crafter, Janis Woolbright.

For Day #10 Helpful Hopper, Kitty, kindly put together this fun wordsearch for us to play with. If you want to play it now, don't scroll down the page but instead (if you can) copy and paste it into a Word Document (or similar) and get searching!

No peeking...

Keep those eyes tightly closed...


And here are the answers! Did you get them ALL?

Thanks again to Kitty to putting this together, I always love a wordsearch and I eventually found 'ELF' after lots and lots of looking!

Fancy some cat memes? Here we go...

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #18 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. Loved the word search Kitty put together and yay for the answers which match mine.... maybe we can have another one? Or...hmmmn, I might have some here at home... will go find!

  2. Yay! I hope everyone found all the words! I offered the word search to Brian and he enjoyed it very much! I like your fun cat memes too!

    Hey, Jo, I received a marketing email from Your Next Stamp and I just found it today in my spam... it came out on October 9. Karen says she's keeping the store open until December 15 due to the huge influx of orders.

    Here's a copy/paste if you need it:

    "Once again...Thank you so much for all the kind emails, phone calls, notes on orders and on social media. I really appreciate all of you and your support. The past 14 years was magical and amazing because of YOU!

    "My plan was to close down the website on Oct 15 2023. Due to the volume of orders received (THANK YOU) I have decided to keep the website active until Dec 15 2023 so you can access your account information and track your orders.

    "You are welcome to browse the The Outlet section of the online store as all remaining in stock items are in this section of the store. "

    Here's a link to The Outlet - I still see some cat stamps/dies!!!

  3. Thanks so much Kitty for the word search. That's one of my favorite kind of word games. I was lucky enough to find them all too!

  4. Thanks Kitty - fun word search; found them all (didn't struggle with "elf", sorry Jo...). Thanks for the link too - I love my Your Next Stamp stuff - sorry they're closing up!

  5. I enjoyed the wordsearch! Those are always fun to do.
    Love the memes shared today! The snow globe one is the best ever! Had to laugh at that!

  6. I printed the word search puzzle - I want to make a card with it!! I have one more to make to meet the limit ... :-) Thanks to Jo and Kitty for all the fun!! The memes are all just hysterical!!

  7. The word search is so much fun! Printing a copy for my nephew!

  8. Thanks to dear Kitty for the word search, very appreciated!! I founded all the words!
    The memes are so fun, but poor cat in the first one!! I agree with him, Santa please do something quickly! The last one is SO fun! :D

  9. Oh yes, I found all the words and even one more!!!! I'll show it on my blog today!!!

  10. Such a fun word search that I enjoyed! I love these - keeps the old mind sharp, lol! Hope everybody else found all of them! And I'm loving these memes, too! :D

  11. The word search was such a fun activity! And how cute are these memes!! That truly is the most perfect snow globe :) :)


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