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Day #15 The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - Game #4 Becca's Quiz

Welcome to Day #15 of our challenge where we're remembering our friend cat lover and fellow crafter, Janis through cardmaking and fun.

Before we get going I'd like to say a big thank you to my sweet friend Gundi who spotted that some of your comments weren't appearing as they should. This called for some serious detective work...

And after little squirreling in the Spam folder, I found the missing comments. Thanks for the heads up, Gundi, that was a great spot on your behalf and I'm so grateful for your help. I think it's happened mainly on the comments for Name the Cat as Blogger thinks the multiple entries are spam. Thanks to Gundi I'm on the case now and checking the Spam folder every day!

So, Day #15 - here we go....

I'm blown away to be able to add three additional sponsors to the Sponsor Family list! 

First of all, please welcome a newer company 

Alex Siberia Designs

Alex Syberia Designs is a UK-based stamp company offering high-quality stamps, dies, stencils and hot foil plates. Whether you're a coloring enthusiast, traditional stamper, floral fan or critter lover, we have the perfect products to help you express love and joy through your handmade creations.

Alex Syberia Designs was founded in 2020 by Alexandra, a self-taught graphic designer with a background in interior design. The company started off with digital products (stamps and cut files), and in 2022 it expanded into physical products such as stamps, dies, stencils, and hot foil plates.

In 2021, Alex met Natalia in the craft community. They launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2022, which led to the release of the first collection of physical products.

Visit our Blog and YouTube channel for a wealth of creative inspiration and ideas for paper-crafters of all levels. 

Alex is very kindly offering 
a £15.00 voucher for 
for the store!

Check out Alex's gorgeous new release over at her store. 

Thanks so much, Alex, and good luck as you build your business. 

Here's a card I made using Alex's lovely stamp All of Us 
and one of her gorgeous stencils.

It was such fun to colour the animals!

Please take time to visit Alex Siberia Designs at these social media spotsBlogInstagramPinterestYouTube, and Facebook. Don't forget to LikeFollowShare, and Comment with a big "THANK YOU for sponsoring           
The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge, 2023."

Our next sponsor to join us is as regular player here at 
The Christmas Kickstart 
and her name will be familiar to many of us... 

Meghan Kennihan

It turns out that Meghan is also certified personal trainer, nutrition adviser and elite athlete in addition to being a very talented cardmaker. 

She is kindly donating this gorgeous cat themed Halloween set 
for one lucky RANDOM WINNER

Please drop by and leave Meghan some love at either her blog or her Instagram account.

Thanks so much, Meghan.

And finally, our very own Helpful Hopper, Becca, 
is offering a lovely prize for one lucky RANDOM WINNER...

Purr-fectly Perfect by Unity Stamps (shown above),
(4) stickers from Newton's Nook and a note pad.

If you can access Flickr, please head on over to Becca's Photostream 
and leave her some love, or do so in a comment below! 

Thanks so much, Becca.  


It's time for another game! 

And while we're on the subject of the lovely Becca she's compiled
 a fabulous, fun quiz for us to play as Game #4. Becca had a little help from
The Daily Purr, which is a great little online magazine for Cat Lovers across the globe. 

Are you ready? here we go...

1.  Didga, short for Didgeridoo, successfully performed  __ tricks in 60 seconds, setting the world record for most tricks performed by a cat in a minute.
2.  In 2007 Just over __ percent of US households owned a cat. 

3.  True or false:  While human beings have only 5 million odour sensors in their noses, cats can have more than 200 million.

4.  According to a large survey, cat owners describe themselves as _________.

5.  Similar to humans, ____ problems are also pretty common among cats.

6.  As many as  __% of American cat owners keep their pets indoors.

7.  There were about ___________ cats in U.S. households as of 2007.

8.  Cats remember obstacles in their environment for about 20 minutes.
 True_______ or False_______.

9.  Cat owners are __% more likely to be creative and non-traditional thinkers.

10.  True or false:  A cat's brain and a human brain are anatomically quite similar.
   True_______ or False_______.

Becca has very kindly offered to tally up the scores for all entrants. So please email your answers to her at winsx5@yahoo.com. Your email needs to be headed: 'Becca's Quiz - Answers' in the subject line.  Thanks. 
Can you make sure that you get your answers to her by midnight on Tuesday, 24th October. Have fun!

All correct answers will be added to RUDOLPH'S RANDOM RAFFLE to give you additional chances to win a prize!


Thanks for your positive comments about the rescue kitties.

Yes, I do want to bring them all home, but I'm confident that they'll all find loving, 
forever homes thorough the amazing work of the Rescue owners.

Here's Fancy Clancy again...

And her shy, but sweet, sister and roommate, Florence. 

Let's end today's post with a fun, festive, furry meme...

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #15 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. A big thank you to the three new sponsors! Sadly I'm not on Flickr, so Thanks Becca for the random prize and also for the fun quiz. English isn't my language, so for me it's a bit difficult finding the correct answers, also as my time is very limited. But I appreciate the offer of this game!
    Your card with Alex Syberia's pets is a DELIGHT!! How cute!! And such fabulous fun expressions have those cats and dogs! Great colouring too! This type of card could be just perfect for fund rising to collect money for the Rescue Centre!
    Fingers crossed for the cute beautiful couple of today's kitties. Hope they find a loving home early!
    And the meme... LOL It is so true! :D
    Fingers crossed for

  2. A beautiful card made with Alex's stamp! So cute!! And those rescue kitties are so very sweet!! Hope they'll find loving forever homes very soon!!

  3. So happy to see Alex Siberia Designs as a sponsor - been seeing her company all over this past year! Thanks, Alex! As well as to Meghan. Always love her fabulous cards & beautiful coloring skills. Looking forward to getting some emails with all the right answers ... good luck to everyone!

    1. Ooooh Becca, have you got some hints on where to find answers.. I've looked and looked and boy, some are elusive! I'm determined though (lol)

    2. Hi Mandy! I get this daily newsletter and it's where I got all the questions & answers: https://www.dailypurrcats.com/newsletter Good luck! ;-)

    3. oooh thanks!, I did originally look, but now I've found the newsletters!

    4. Sorry Becca, maybe give a date around which newsletters? Been searching for a while within them.

    5. All is good, I've finally found what I'm looking for !! YAY!

  4. The list of sponsors is wonderful! Thanks to Alex Syberia, Meghan and Becca for their generosity. I'm going to have to put on my thinking cap for the quiz!

  5. Cute quiz, Becca & I love your card, Jo - those kitties among the dogs are so cute! Another cat story - my parents had poodle and my cats would get atop the armoire and antagonize the dog who barked her head off but couldn't get them :)

  6. More fabulous sponsors and an adorable card! Love the cute kitties and pups!
    I'm working on Becca's quiz!

  7. Oh now you've also gone under the detectives, but I see you have professional help!!! What's his name? Sherlock??
    And on your card I see some weird cats... *LOL*
    And I keep my fingers crossed for all the kittens that they will soon find a new, loving home.

  8. Love your card Jo... a big family photo!! Its a gorgeous stamp! 3 more fabulous sponsors, and thanks Becca, so generous of you. I need to go get inspired by Meghan's cards!! And I'm working away on Becca's quiz!

    Hey JO! You asked about the kitty christmas tree stamp I used for Day 15 on my blog - its called 'Merry Catmas' by Ink Road Stamps xx

  9. Thank you to all three of these new sponsors, Becca, Meghan, and Alex Siberia! So much generosity, you are appreciated! Jo, your card is totally adorable! Your colouring looks amazing, and I love all of those kitties amongst the dogs! Thank you to Becca for the quiz - it looks very challenging! Maybe there's one question that I could answer off the top of my head, so I will have to make some educated guesses at the rest LOL. Florence is adorable but Fancy Clancy still has my heart, such a sweetie! I hope all of these precious kitties that you've been showing will find their forever homes. I love cats so much!

  10. More great sponsors and what an fabulous card today! Awesome quiz from Becca... I will try to find time to play but no promises. I so hope all these rescue kitties will find wonderful furrever homes. I sure wish we could take them all and add them to our tribe! <3 <3 <3

  11. missed the quiz...
    Thanks to sponsors!
    oh Alex made awesome card!
    Meghans stamp prize is so adorable!
    Oh Beccas prize is so pretty!
    That kitty stamp is on my wishlist!
    oh kitties are so cute! I love Florence !
    haha yes thats true Christmas is cats wish come true.
    I think this sentence above is not right but keep in mind english is not my language :D


Thanks for your comment!

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