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Day #25 The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - The Answers to Becca's Quiz

At the time of writing this post we have #140 gorgeous cat cards in the gallery! Thank you so much to everyone who is hopping, creating, commenting and playing along with our challenge to remember and honour Janis. You are all making this so special.

As promised, here are the answers to 

Game #4 - Becca's Quiz 

1.  Didga, short for Didgeridoo, successfully performed  __ tricks in 60 seconds, setting the world record for most tricks performed by a cat in a minute.

Answer:  24

2.  In 2007 Just over __ percent of US households owned a cat. 

Answer:  32

3.  True or false:  While human beings have only 5 million odor sensors in their noses, cats can have more than 200 million.

Answer:  true

4.  According to a large survey, cat owners describe themselves as _________.

Answer:  Independent

5.  Similar to humans, ____ problems are also pretty common among cats.

Answer:  acne

6.  As many as  __% of American cat owners keep their pets indoors.

Answer:  35

7.  There were about ___________ cats in U.S. households as of 2007.

Answer:  81,721,000

8.  Cats remember obstacles in their environment for about 20 minutes.

Answer:  false - cats actually only remember obstacles in their environment for about 10 minutes, according to a 2007 study

9.  Cat owners are __% more likely to be creative and non-traditional thinkers.

Answer:  11%

10.  True or false:  A cat's brain and a human brain are anatomically quite similar.

Answer:  True - some figures show up to 90%!

I hope you had fun with this quiz - I know I did! Thanks so much for putting this together, Becca, and thanks to the Dailypurr for their fascinating fund of feline facts (not to be said in a hurry) from which Becca compiled the quiz!

We'll be announcing the Quiz Winner along with our other Winners after the Challenge has closed.


It turns out that today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Is this just in the UK, or across the world?

Here are some of our Black Cat Alumni for the Rescue where I volunteer...

Sargent, and his beautiful powder-puff girlfriend, Molly.

We all loved Kevin so much, and after neutering, he returned to his original home.

Cliffy charmed us all!

Fennel was such a cuddlebug.

A lovely, cosy kitten puddle

Precious Pipkin is one of the garden cats at the Rescue.


Here are some of our current Rescue residents...

Look at gorgeous Mika! Thank goodness Mika and his siblings were 
found by a passer-by and are now safe in our care.

and look at this beautiful pair

Summer and Breeze are now ready to find their forever home.


Let's end our post with some memes...

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #25 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. Thank you to Becca for the quiz! Oooops, I got 3 wrong LOL! I hope all of those tuxedo kitties find their forever home soon! The cat memes today are hilarious, love them! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and Happy Hopping!

  2. I really enjoyed reading the answers to these questions as I had absolutely no idea and sadly decided to skip it since I couldn't come up with any answers.
    The cats showcased today are all so cute, little Cliffy definitely looks like a charmer :)

  3. Y'all, I was late to the game but sent my answers to Becca anyway. OMG! All I can say is kudos to the winner because I danced all around the internet trying to find the answers. I will say I got more than half right and I did make Becca laugh.

  4. Since there English is not my language, I found many difficulties with Becca's game, so on the second question I gave up on it. But thanks the same.
    I didn't know that today in UK is Black Cat Appreciation Day! In Italy it isn't.
    Love all the photos of those black cats and their funny names! The rescue kitties are adorable, I’d take them all! :D Best wishes to anyone for a lovely new home with good people!
    The memes are SO fun, the one with Barbie and the big cat is just as I feel myself sometime! (for the little space in the bed, I'm not beautiful as her LOL)
    I'm hopping slowly, but I'm hopping...

  5. What a fun guessing game! I didn't get many correct answers - glad I didn't submit them. Such darling kitties...Sargent and Molly are beautiful kitties but Cliffy is darling! They are all heart breakers!

  6. LOL, it sure was a challenge but very fun quizz! I did a lot of hopping around the internet! I think it would be Black Cat Appreciation Day in Australia too! Like lets make it all around the world because we said so here (insert big heart) Thank the Lord for rescues, look at those dear little faces! Little Cliffy's picture stole my heart! Hoping they all find their special humans xx

  7. Oh what beautiful kitties! Hooray for Black Cat Appreciation Day! Love our black kitties! Give all those sweet kitties pets for me! I didn't get a chance to play the game; congrats to everyone who participated! That is awesome!

  8. I didn't play - no time to look up answers but I did know one without looking :) More gorgeous kitty photos, thanks for sharing Jo!!

  9. Everyday is black cat appreciation day in my house! I know I'm not the winner of that game! My guesses were WRONG! So much fun! Thanks for the wonderful month of kitties.

  10. Ooooh, I missed some of these black kitties when I was here the other day! I don't remember reading about Black Cat Appreciation day so I'm glad I scrolled back to make sure I didn't miss anything. Best wishes to all of these adorable sweeties in finding a loving home!

  11. Very interesting facts and I really hope that all of these cat beauties find a new and loving home. If I could do as I wanted, I would take them all!!!!

  12. I vowed I would find the time to play the quiz but was not able to... too much going on. All the black cats are just gorgeous! We're down to two - we had six at one point. And the other rescue kitties are just precious - I sure wish we could take them all! The memes are hilarious and SO true!

  13. oh no! I missed quiz :(
    My helath is not well I didnt want to miss anything but I did.
    I didnt hear black cat day so I think here is not popular
    I just love these kittens!


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