Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Day #22 The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - Let's Hop!

Welcome to Day #22 of The Cat lovers Christmas Challenge where we've come together to remember and celebrate our dear friend Janis

Before we jump into the fun for today, I just need to remind you that today is the final day  to send Becca your Quiz Answers for Game #4 which launched on Day #15. Send your answers to Becca by emailing: winsx5@yahoo.com

Also, thanks to everyone who played along with Game #5 yesterday. If you see a deleted comment please don't worry, I've written down all the names and guesses so that nobody misses out. 

So, we've got something REALLY special lined up for today. Anyone in the mood for a mini Instagram Hop?

Please welcome the very, very talented Kat Scrappiness DT gals!








Many thanks to Kim for her help with this! I'm glad we 

managed to fight the internet and win in the end! 😉😉😉

And thanks also to Kat for sponsoring this challenge.

Let's end today with a few giggles...

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #22 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. Aaaaw, I'd love to hop along with you gals, but I dont have instagram (only because it would be one more thing I'd get hooked on lol!) Have fun!!

  2. Off to hop...thanks for all of the fun and your hard work battling the internet ;) Have a lovely kitty filled day!

  3. I haven't Instagram but I appreciate Kim's help! Fun memes, thanks for the giggles! The last one is hilarious, I fight for have my kitchen table cat-free every day LOL!

  4. Fun comics, Jo! Enjoy the hop - I'm not on Instagram either...

  5. Such adorable cards by Kat Scrappiness DT. Thanks to Kim for sponsoring!

  6. Fun hop! Some of these talented crafters I had already visited in the challenge link-up so I was ahead of the game for once. I've already sent Becca my quiz answers so I'm all set with that one too! Love the fun cartoons/memes - especially the first one! Cats just love to get there first, don't they?! You're doing an awesome job with this challenge, Jo, I can't believe it will be over next week! I still have one more card to share; just need to find some time. Have a great evening!

  7. I haven't Instagram but I hope you have fun. Fun memes and the first one also applies to hens and rabbits. Hugz

  8. The hop had wonderful cards. Unfortunately I don't do Instagram so I couldn't comment on Priscilla's vivid green and red ornament card with the green striped cat; the cute box and fab bow on Dalis' card; the cute sentiment and fun kitty silhouette on Sara's card; the wonderful fish skeleton background on Von Marie's card; or the great tree from makincraftstudio, fun background and tags from hellmad, and the wonderful window scene from crafty-pink-pixie. Thank you all!!!

    1. Thanks so much Debi! I thought the kitty cat needed something to play with so I gave it a gift!
      -- Dalis

    2. Thank you so very much. Much appreciated!! ~Von Marie~

  9. Awww you are so very sweet. Thank you so much for your shout out. Big hugs!! ~Von Marie~

  10. I visited the Kat Scrappiness DT girls, they all made such cute cards.
    And thank you for the laughs, the last picture is so wonderful!!!!

  11. Enjoyed the hop! All the kitty creations were PURRFECT! That one joke with the cat on the table always makes me laugh!

  12. Such a fun mini hop - I enjoyed every one of those sweet cards! And more GREAT memes!


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