Thursday, October 12, 2023

Day #10 The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge Bonus Game - Kitty's Kitty Wordsearch!


Hi there, Cat Lovers, I'm here today to share a little extra fun curtesy of one of Janis' Helpful Hopper, KT FIT KITTY!


Kitty has very kindly created this fun cat-themed wordsearch. I think the best way to play is to copy and paste into a Word Document, print it out and then hunker down with a cuppa in a comfy chair for a bit of festive feline fun. 

Kind, clever Kitty has also produced an answer sheet, and I'll be sharing it later in the Challenge month. Thanks, you're a star!

And talking of FESTIVE FELINE FUN 
just look at Pusheen climbing the Christmas Tree.

For more Pusheen antics, please head here
Turns out Pusheen even has a newsletter!

Finally, just look at this beautiful family of feral cats who have just arrived at the Rescue...

Mom is so beautiful
Dad and the kittens haven't left their carrier yet.

All safe now, and after medical care, socialising and lots of love they'll all find new homes. 

If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #10 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. I hope everyone enjoys the word search! They are great for your brain! And fun too! Enjoy!

    Jo, the rescue family is beautiful! I love their tabby markings, and especially the mom's colouring! You are doing wonderful work!

  2. Oh dear Kitty, be still my heart!!! Honestly, I could not work for a rescue, my heart just could not take it, and I'd want to bring all the darling kitties who needed the most help home. But what I can do is give donations and I feel like I'm helping in that way. The new rescue kitty family is just adorable. Its hard work re-educating ferals but so very rewarding. You are amazing! Now to the word search - I LOVE them! Off to print out! And lol Pusheen!

  3. Thanks to KT Fit Kitty for the word search, those are fun!! And such beautiful cats up for adoption, so glad they are safe now and hope they will get adopted soon!

  4. Fun word find from Kitty! I haven't a working printer just now but I quickly solved it looking at the image - thanks, Kitty! Oh my, Jo - what a beautiful rescue family!

  5. Thanks so much Kitty for the word search. Can't wait to print it out. The new kitty family is going to be so happy to be rescued.

  6. I love doing word search puzzles. I always take one with me on an airplane to pass the time. Wow, Mama kitty really is a beauty, isn't she?! So happy they have all been rescued. My sister has two kitties found in parking lots and does one of her daughters. ;-)

  7. Thanks to Kitty for the fun word search! I love doing those!
    Sweet kitties at your Rescue spot! I hope they'll soon be in their forever homes!

  8. OMGoodness, such good mews about the rescue family! <3 And thank you to Kitty for the word search... they are great to keep the mind sharp! ;)

  9. What fun, I love word searches. Oh my those new kitties are adorable. I love love love orange kitties!!

  10. I don't know why I miss this post! Kitty are amazing, kind and so clever, such lovely gift to play with! Thank you! I'm a teacher and use word search with the kids, to help them to memorize some particular words about scienze, story and geography.
    Jo, you are awesome. Very well done helping cats at the Rescue Centre.
    This beautiful family is safe now, but they are worried, their eyes speak... Fingers crossed to find quickly a positive home for each of them !

  11. Thank you Fit Kitty for sharing that fun word search! I have saved it, and hope to have time to play on it later. Jo, those are the sweetest looking kitties. Hope they are feeling lots calmer and getting lots of love!

  12. Oh, I love word searches like this and enjoy playing them in other languages too. When we're on vacation in France, I like to buy these French word searches. Thanks Kitty!!!

  13. oh great game! thank you Kitty!
    so cute kitties!

  14. Thanks Kitty for the fun word search. The ladies in my Red Hat Chapter love to do word searches. I may share it with them, if that's okay.


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