Friday, October 6, 2023

Day #4 The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge - Let's Meet Our Next Group of Sponsors and play Game #1 Kitty Roll Call


Hi everyone, welcome to Day #4 of our challenge where we remember our dear friend Janis Woolbright.

I'm completely blown away by your responses to this tribute challenge thus far. You guys just have the kindest hearts. Thanks to those of you who shared memories of Janis in the comments on this post. I read your words with tears in my eyes. Janis was such a force within the crafting world and created a wonderful community each year with her The Cat Lovers Hop. I can't tell you all what a privilege it is to run this challenge in her memory.

One of the things Janis's Helpful Hopper Kitty said in her moving tribute to her friend was how much she enjoyed the memes and cartoons that Janis shared in each blog post. That really chimed with me as I'd already been wondering whether to do this myself in my daily posts or on my own blog. Kitty has included some favourite cat memes in this beautiful post where she shares her memories of Janis. Janis had a great sense of humour and I thought it would be fun if we all shared some favourite cat jokes or cartoons in our blog posts when we share our challenge cards. How do you all feel about this?

I know I'd have emailed this to Janis!


It's time to meet three more of our fabulous SPONSORS....

Today, I'm going to start by introducing 

Blank Page Muse and I Brake for Stamps.

I Brake For Stamps and Blank Page Muse
are sister companies run by the good folk at Blank Page Muse. If you've never come across their fabulous products go take a look here as their range of crafting materials is stunning! 

will receive a Grab Bag of their CAT THEMED stamps. 
Thanks so much to Kim & Co. for agreeing to sponsor our challenge
Your kind offer of sponsorship was made as a gesture of remembrance 
for Janis and is much appreciated. 

If you're not familiar with I Brake for Stamps and Blank Page MuseHelpful Hopper, Becca, has made a sweet and witty card to showcase some of their stamps.


That cat! I love it!

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The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge, 2023."


Now, let's welcome Brutus Monroe.

I love Brutus Monroe's super-quirky stamp designs, and must confess to being completely dazzled by the array of products in their online store

These gorgeous people are offering a $25 GIFT CARD to one 
lucky RANDOM WINNER as a prize
Thank you so much, guys.

Our lovely Helpful Hopper Becca has also created this gorgeous card using one of my most favourite Brutus Monroe images - isn't it fun! What a good pair-up of sentiment and images, thanks Becca.

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I'm delighted to say that for all you TEMPLATE, MASK AND STENCIL fans we have The Crafter's Workshop as our next Sponsor.

Beautiful templates, masks & stencils for Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Art Journals, Mixed-Media, Collages, Paper Arts, Surface Design, Quilting, Stenciling, Home dΓ©cor and more. And now Stencil Butters, Modeling Pastes, Gels and more!

I'd like to say a BIG THANKYOU to TCW
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Wrapping things up for us today is YOUR NEXT STAMP.

We've Been Providing Whimsy & Fun For Over A Decade!

The idea to start a stamp company began when my sister Robin and I were on maternity leave and began talking almost daily on the phone about our beautiful babies, my son and her two daughters. The conversations started to get fairly lengthy as, not only did we discuss baby stuff, but we had to talk about our ‘healthy addiction’ to stamping and paper crafting!

When my son was born I decided that I needed a change so I left my fitness career to follow my passion for business and stamping. These two passions just seemed to be the perfect match for my new adventure...Your Next Stamp, aka YNS.

At the time of writing this post it turns out that after 14 amazing years Karen is in the midst of closing her YNS store. I'm so touched that despite everything that's going on, Karen still wants to offer a prize for this challenge in memory of Janis. Thank you so much, Karen.

One Lucky RANDOM WINNER will receive 

Grab Bag of YNS Goodies.

I decided to create a card using my favourite Christmas themed kitty set from YNS. This cute set is called Meowy Christmas. I did some intricate paper piecing and which nearly blew my mind!

I'm sure you'll all want to join me in wishing Karen all the very best for the future and whatever new ventures it may hold for her. 

Let's Play Game #1

Janis always kicked-off The Cat Lovers Hop with Kitty Roll Call and so we're going to jump straight into sharing with one another the names of the cats who call our home (back porch, yard or garden) their own....even if it is just a home away from home.  

During Kitty Roll Call, you can tell us a little about your cats and you also may add to the roll call any that you have lost since last Cat Lovers Hop. Some of you might not have any kitties at home anymore, but please tell us about cats you have had in the past. I was blown away last year to discover that Janis was offering food and/or lodgings to sixteen cats - isn't that amazing! She truly had the kindest heart.

I hope it's ok if I start the ball rolling....

This beauty is the late, great Custard. We lost him a couple of years ago at the age of 17 and miss him every day. 

Custard came from The Blue Cross Rescue as a companion cat for Cleo after her sweet sister Daisy died. Unfortunately, Cleo didn't welcome Custard with open paws and never really enjoyed having him around. Poor Custard just wanted to snuggle and play tag with her, but Cleo was having none of it. Custard was very good natured, and he patiently put up with living alongside a grumpy old lady. He became an only cat 3 years later when Cleo passed away aged 18. After that I think he enjoyed having the full attention of both hoomans and lived a long, happy life filled with cuddles, food, laps, more food, a range of sofas and a comfy bed.

Right now we're between cats, and so I get my feline fix by volunteering at a local Rescue. The love and devotion that the owners, Sadie and Mark, put into rescuing cats, dogs and any animal in need is just super-human. 

Please share your Kitty Roll Call in the comments section below - one lucky commentor will be chosen by RANDOM DRAW to win a prize!


If you've just arrived you're joining the fun on Day #4 of The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Please head here for the sign-in and the LINKY PARTY.  


  1. Hello cat lovers. Just one cat, Puddie, who adopted us a few years ago after our old lady of 19 passed away. Puddie is an independent soul, but now the weather is turning colder and wetter she seems to feel indoors is an OK place to be at least some of the time, and 5 minutes lap time might be arranged if it suits her. She's a very talkie cat with a huge range of sounds, and is usually happy to butt heads with me in the morning, or sometimes if we meet outside, as a fun cat hello. I also took pity on the neighbors cat Tassen, because after the 8 year old he was given too lost interest it seems he was sad and hungry. He took a bad injury to his tail and was so thin last winter I started feeding him to give him a chance to survive. Now I'm stuck with him. He's a lovely long haired black and white, and despite being outdoors all the time he keeps himself very clean. Unfortunately he's pretty stupid, insisting on fighting with Puddie!! Blokes!!! No brains. Hugz

    1. I didn't realize Puddie had a sparing partner! Good for you for taking care of Tassen when he needed it. Jo x

    2. Puddie is unimpressed. It is beneath her to be approached by other cats and she has no heart for a fight but is always pleased if her human sees off the opposition and counts it as a win.

  2. Hello, Jo! Yes, the cat cartoons and memes! So fun and funny, and a warm memory I have of Janis. I'll be sure to share some more.

    Thank you to today's awesome sponsors! I am new to Blank Page Muse and I Brake for Stamps so I just went over and had a look at their cat stamps, and I am super excited about their prize! Yes!!! Becca's card is so cute! I say naughty haha! And Brutus Monroe is another new one for me. That bundled-up kitty is so cute, all ready for a snow day! Her card is adorable! I do have some of The Crafter's Workshop and Your Next Stamp. So sad about YNS closing down - I have a ton of her stamps! Oh my, Jo, your card is so sweet! Awesome job with the paper-piecing and I like how your coloured the kitty!

    I so enjoyed reading about your precious Custard and Cleo, may they RIP. These sweet kitties are members of our family and it's so sad when they go.

    As for my Kitty Roll Call, we had to say good-bye to the last of our three kitties, our sweet boy Honeydew, on May 30. He lived a long life, 18 years and 8 months. He loved to be brushed, cuddled, carried around, and especially enjoyed belly-rubs. He had an outgoing personality and would curiously greet all visitors, hoping for an extra head scratch! In later years, he became a "couch potato" who loved watching TV, preferably shows about birds, mice, and squirrels. Aside from being a good eater, he also enjoyed his catnip and Laxatone.

    After losing his littermate Kiwi in 2020 and then his sister Snowie in 2021, Honeydew ruled the house and became even more spoiled and pampered than before. We still talk about our departed kitties every day, as we have so many funny and fond memories.

    But we have good news - we have a new kitty! In July, Brian and I welcomed Sweet Pea into our home! She is a 3-year-old grey tabby, and we adopted her as an adult cat from the local animal shelter. She has been a joy in our lives ever since! Sweet Pea has the softest fur, and she loves to be brushed. She is a talkative girl and trills throughout the day. It's so cute to hear her trilling! Her other hobbies include eating, playing with her toy mice, and sitting on her scratch pad. She also happens to love it when I sing to her! Finally someone who appreciates my singing voice haha! I sing a special song to her that I made up, and she relaxes immediately. Sweet Pea was extremely nervous when she arrived here but has settled down considerably. She is still on alert and likes to know where we are at all times. We don't know anything about her past, but we love her so much!

    I also want to remember my precious kitty Muffin, who has been gone for 19 years. He was 18 years old and he was my first kitty, my constant companion, always on my lap or sleeping on my shoulder at night. Still miss him, even after all these years.

    Thank you, Jo, I love cats, and I always enjoy talking about my kitties!

    1. Hi Kitty, I always love an excuse to talk about my cats too. They have been such a special part of my life and I too miss them each and every day. I'm so glad you've now got Sweet Pea. I'm sure she'll settle into her new and forever home very soon. It does take a while sometimes as some cats have not had the best start in life. We see so many cats come into rescue who have had a difficult time and some can be quite challenging at times, but we spend a lot of time socializing them and we treat all their medical needs and then they go on to their new homes - which is just a wonderful part of the work of the Rescue. I used to sing to my cats too! Glad I'm not the only nutter in town! Jo x

  3. Such wonderful kitties you've had and it's fabulous that you're volunteering too! I have 2 cats at home right now - Maverick and Iceman. We lost our Goose several years ago now. Previous to those three we had a lovely orange tabby, Sasha and a Noelle who preferred only her immediate family to be around. We have only had cats that previously belonged to someone else. Our daughter has a black and white big fellow - Horatio. I can't wait to read about everyone's kitties.

    1. Hi Suzanne, I did wonder if you had a Top Gun thing going on there! How wonderful! My cat Custard was very shy and only really liked us. He adored my husband, Andy, and the two of them were always to be found together. My girl cats, Cleo and Daisy, were sisters and were born in the cupboard under the stairs at my old house. Their mother was my neighbour's cat who decided my house was a nice quiet place to give birth. I kept the two girls and my friend had the little boy cat, who she called Spike. The girls were wonderful, but such naughty kittens who smashed their way through a lot of my pottery and china. They even climbed my dresses in my wardrobe to get to the top shelf. I had to fit child locks! Jo x

  4. We have several cats (indoors and outdoors) that give us lots of "furry love."
    Back in 2020 we had a cat get in our garage (without us knowing for a few days)
    and have kittens. Well, three of those kittens are in the house now with their fun shendigans. That same year we found a Siamese kitten in the yard and we adoped him we have more cats inside than we ever intended! But
    we love each and everyone of them and they bring lots of joy and laughter.
    We also have several neighborhood cats which think they "live" here too outdoors. One of those had kittens this summer so we have enjoyed seeing
    them grow up and play all summer. Just this week they were playing and climbing trees with us as their audience. I'm enjoying reading about everyone's kitties.
    of them had kittens this summer...and those kittens have definitely adopted us.

    1. Hi Beverly, isn't it funny how cats so often find their homes and their hoomans. Sounds like a fun household! Jo x

  5. Your kitty is sooo cute!... I never had a cat because my brother was allergic but I do cuddle friends cats!

    1. He was a very handsome dude, Meghan, and quite a large cat too. I can't resist fussing any cat I meet. Jo x

  6. I have not owned a cat since I was a child - we had one outdoor ginger named Henry. My sister now owns two kitties (found in parking lots a year apart!), one of which they named Henry after our childhood cat. But since it's a female, they call her Henny (the other kitty is named Nugget as she was found in the parking lot of Chic-Fil-A). When my hubby & I moved to this house 5 years ago, there was a black cat named 'Anna Banana' (per her collar) who was always hanging around. And she would come onto our porch every morning. I thought she was lost or abandoned so I started feeding her every day. Well, a couple weeks later we found out she was our next door neighbor's cat (an outside cat because she preferred it)!! Her collar had a different address on it so we had no way to know. But still, she would come over every morning so I would feed her breakfast every day. She would come in the house once in awhile (she wasn't feral) after we made sure our parrot (named Rocky - who will meow and tell you he is a kitty cat!!) was in his cage. She was the best cat!! Sadly, she was hit by a car & passed away earlier this year. We were so devastated!! We miss her terribly.

    1. Oh, Becca, a lovely but sad story. So many folk seem to find cats and especially kittens in some odd places. RIP Anna Banana. Jo x

  7. Hi Jo, thanks for all your hard work to honour Janis memory. You’re following her footprints with a lot of love! Your card is so sweet and delightful, and you have been busy with all the tiny paper piecing! I too love YNS stamps, even though I have none. They are so unique, cute and fun. Sorry that the business is closing.
    About my cats: I have had cats for about forty years, a lot of cats, and anyone left footprints in my heart. I have had dogs too, and they lived together almost all peacefully (I live in the country and have a lot outdoor space, but all my animals also have the house available). At this moment I have six cats (Minnina, Biancone, Rosso, Brigante, MinΓ¨ and my older one so loved Dory -21 years!). All my cats are -and also in the past they have been- abandoned/in need cats. You can’t buy friends!
    A few years ago I had much more, because I was dealing daily with a colony of stray cats that had found refuge in an old abandoned yard. Then one day came a bulldozers to demolish the construction site, to build a supermarket. It was a moment of great fear and panic for their safety. Luckily I was able to quickly find everyone a new accommodation at other cat ladies, thanks to a "tam-tam" among cat lovers on social media. I took the cats of the colony, one by one, and carried them to their new homes. Not too much easy, free cats are suspicious, but I was able to catch them. I had to go to their new homes many times, to help their owners get them settled: cats are habitual and often run back to where they were before... But with a little patience of all us, everything went well. I was very relieved about that, they were safe!
    I'm so glad to know that you are a volunteering at your local Rescue and that it works very well! There is so much need for loving and kind-hearted people for rescue animals!

    1. How wonderful that you were able to help those poor cats! Thank goodness for kind hearted cat lovers like you. Jo x

  8. Forgot to say that your Custard is so beautiful and he has the same colours and spots as my very first cat, when I was still a little girl!

  9. Thanks so much to the wonderful sponsors!
    I have Coco, a beautiful Siamese kitty we rescued from the local shelter 10 1/2 years ago. She has been such a delight right from the start! One of the adoption requirements was that she be an 'only child'. She hates cats! So, we just have her all to ourselves, and vice versa! We didn't know her age when we got her, but the shelter estimated her to be about 3 years old, although I suspect she may have been a little older. She had been in another shelter about 90 minutes away from us, and then was adopted by someone else in our area. That didn't work out and she was turned in at our local shelter, where we fell in love with her via a photo in the newspaper.
    Recently she has had some health problems, and we're doing the best we can for her. She's happy and purrs a lot, and seems very content.
    Previously over the years, I have had other Siamese kitties: Yoda, Kimmy, Kikko and Cosan, and one DSH named Spooky.

    1. Hi Denise, I'm so happy to see you playing here! I work in a Rescue and you'd be amazed at just how many cats cannot tolerate another cat in the household. You were just meant to have Coco. I hope you can help her with her current health problems. Jo x

    2. Hi Jo! Fun to join in here! Happy to see this wonderful hop/challenge to honor Janis! She is so missed!
      Coco actually had to be kept in an isolation room by herself at the shelter, as she would not tolerate other kitties nearby!

  10. We don't have a cat right now but have had many in the past. A few years ago I took my mother, now 93, to the shelter to adopt a cat for company. She found a tuxedo cat. Her name is Angel. She's a relatively good cat that bites, scratches furniture, and only likes my mom. She is the most finicky cat I ever saw and has Mom wrapped tightly around her paw. Smart cat!

    1. Oh Debi, sometimes we love the naughty ones even more! Jo x

  11. .Currently no kitties in our household - the last two were my daughter's. Snoopy was a gorgeous tabby we got when she was six and who lived with us till she was 19. Her then boyfriend got her Snoopy, a stunning sleek black cat, for her 20th birthday. When she left home at 22 he had to stay with us as she couldn't have him in the flat she was living in. He was with us till 2021 - he got very ill and during the lock down here in NZ, we had to put him to sleep. Only one of us could go in with him. I got to say goodbye. Always had kitties growing up in the country.

  12. No cats in our house (mini schnauzer rules!), but my brother's family have three: all 'found' by my brother who has a soft spot for kitties (though he would deny that!) who works in a farm setting. The trio are: Esme, Toast (because my niece and nephew decided her colouring was like a piece of toast) and Floof (the only male who is rather 'floofy'). Those cats would not have survived had my brother not rescued them - and oh, what a great family they've come to live with. Loads of cuddles, pampering and spoiling!

  13. You and Becca's cards are Purrfect! (Sorry, couldn't help myself! ) Such cute cards, and I agree, I think the answer is Naughty! lol.. Custard was gorgeous!!! Enjoying so much reading about everyone's kitties! We currently have six kitties. We never have to go look for one; they always seem to find us. :) We have P.J., Ralphie, Miley, Leo, Nipsy and Freddy. We had a neighbor's kitty that used to come in and visit too, but sadly, he went missing a couple month's ago. Our neighbor and us have both looked for him to no avail. Just hoping and praying that someone took him in and is giving him a good home. Miss him though; he was such a scamp!
    Freddy is the newest one. Not sure where he came from; he just showed up. He was sick, so we gave him antibiotics and got him on the mend, got him his shots and neutered, and now he is one of the family. He is a scamp too! In fact, him and the neighbor cat, Mickey, used to love to play together. He likes to be outside, and we try to bring him in at night, if we are able. He comes in sometimes in the daytime too and takes a nap. He's still really young, so he has lots of energy and wants to play.
    I think it is wonderful you volunteer with a rescue. I don't know how Janis cared for eighteen! We do good to keep up with our six.
    Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors! Best wishes to Karen in whatever she enjoys in the future. I know I have bought some YNS stamps and adore them.

  14. I've always loved these games and I'm glad you're continuing them.
    We lost our Kasimir in May this year. He was 13 years old. He didn't come home like he did every morning. After a while I started looking for it and found him in my husband's workshop. There he liked to sleep in a wooden box. He lay there, dead. He must have fallen asleep in the early hours of the morning. It was a huge shock for us because nothing had suggested this. Now we have still Willy and Emma, his children.

  15. When I was about 10 we went to the PDSA to get a kitten. My father didn’t know about this. On the bus home my mother put her hand in the cat basket to calm the cat and got scratched. “Oh you stinker!” She said and then named him Tinker! When we got home my father was not very happy, my mother put the kitten on the floor and he ran over to my father, climbed up him and sat purring on his shoulder. Tinker got to stay and was with us for 20 years.

  16. The inspiration projects created with sponsor products are amazing!
    We rescue cats and kittens, and our current count is 13. We have Jack, Tigger, Dusty, Loki, Spike, Tater, Fogg, Mama, Cream, Puff-Puff, Booger Britches, Colonel and Gray.

  17. My last cats - 2 litter mates that I had for 17+ years, Pumpkin and Pequena - died over 15 years ago. I've been without a cat since but my brother would bring his cat Misty to visit me (you can see one of my favorite pictures of her on this post I had four other cats throughout the years - in fact, my first online profile used a photo of me at age 5 holding my new kitty!

  18. Fun and heartful event! Our kitty is named Blizzard. I too help out an animal humane society.

  19. Currently, I have just one kitty. He's name is Tačko and he is also black and white. He looks just like yours.

  20. We have 2 cats, Thomas the male cat (orange tabby) and Fussy the female (a long-haired gray-ish tabby). They were adopted in Fall 2011 from 2 different cat shelters. Thomas came first and we realized 2 are more fun than one so we adopted Fussy a couple of weeks later. I would like to say they are inseparable but far from it. At least they tolerate each other most of the time (although we hardly ever see them in the same room) but Thomas, the orange tabby has definitely made it clear that he is the boss around here :)

    Custard sure was a beautiful cat! My husband had one just like him in his childhood!

    Many thanks to today's wonderful sponsors!

  21. My son just adopted Blizzard, a flame point siamese in June. Blizzy is about a year old and a delight. He love people and everyone loves him. He is very talkative and playful. The best thing is my son often felt depressed and lonely before he got this cat, but now whenever he sees Blizzard he beams and loves being a Cat Dad.

  22. First of all Jo, I had to do a double take as your dearly loved Custard looked so much like my Yassi!! And God bless rescues (heart)
    I have Yassi (tuxie 6yrs) and Minnie (little black panther 4yrs). Both were rescues. Yassi is a little more reserved and sensible and before I adopted her, she had a few litters and would have spent a lot of time working out how to look after and protect them. She's very smart!
    Minnie is my little needy kitty, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and crawls up on my legs to be picked up and carried around like a baby. She can also be very silly and hilarious. Yassi keeps her in line like one of her kittens.
    Both love being in the back yard, always patrolling and keeping eyes out for other felines who might dare to put their nose over our fence and are territorial. They have been trained to stay in our back yard (thanks to loving special treats so much, they come when they are called.

  23. And beautiful cards Jo and Becca!! Love seeing them!

  24. ahah thats meme is like my cat Coffee when I crochet!
    great sponsors! thank you sponsors!
    such a nice cards from Becca!
    yor card is adorable!
    I have 4 cats.
    Coffee the cat is siamese. She is the Quen of the house LOL. She is only cat that we bought,it was Christmas present from hubby,he know how much I wanted siamese cat.
    Speedy is snowshoe ,she is chubby :D she likes to eat. we adopted Speedy.
    Pixie is small kitty, she is tortoiseshell cat. Paola found her abandoned by the road.someone threw her whe she was just a little kitten.
    And then Batman. actually he is not our cat but he decided to be ours
    He only came to eat but decided to stay. He is mostly an outdoor cat because we can't keep him in the house for long.
    during the winter heis always in the house.
    Mini was my cute little tabby cat. Sadly he passed away last year.
    We had to put him to sleep.I was devastate.

  25. I haven't had cats since I lived at home as my husband is allergic to them (but fortunately not allergic to dogs so we've always had a dog). I grew up with both dogs and cats. The cat I remember the most was one that came to us as a sweet little kitten and my youngest sister (4 at the time) named him Twinkle after a cat in one of her picture books. He grew up to be a big brute of a cat who would sit on top of the fridge and swat everyone as they walked by - the name Twinkle was just so wrong for him! After many more cats, all with interesting names, we seemed to run out of imagination for names so the last one ended up being called Kitten for her whole lengthy life of 18 years as no-one could think of a name for her. She and the last of a long line of dogs kept my parents company in their older years.

  26. My cat list is rather long as I am bordering on "Crazy Cat Lady"! These are all since I have been an adult. My husband and I received a little baby gray kitten as a wedding present (sort of). His name was Adonis and he was my baby--he lived to be almost 19. While we had Adonis, we also added another gray baby named Athena. We only had her a few months before she was hit by a car. : ( When my oldest daughter was 4, she really wanted a cat, so we went to the shelter and she picked out a big orange guy (decided on her own she didn't want a kitten). His name is Bob and we still have him, he is almost 15. Then we had a beautiful stripey tabby named Calypso. She disappeared after a year or two, we still have no idea what happened. My sister then decided I needed another kitten and brought home a beautiful black baby that we named Bagheera (from the Jungle Book). He was not afraid of anything and we think something must have gotten him one night when we weren't home. Then, three years ago, some adorable orange kitties from a local farm needed a home and we ended up with 3!! Mango, Magnum, and Maple. Maple was hit by a car at less than a year old, and Magnum passed last year (we still really don't know why), but I still have my big Mango boy. Which brings me to my most recent additions--4 new kitties from a different farm that needed rehoming. So now we have Shadow, Stormy, Flurry and Blizzard. From 3 different litters, but they all love each other as if they were from one litter. We don't know exactly how old they are but I think the oldest is about 12 weeks, and the other three are probably about 9 weeks. So, I currently have 6 cats.

  27. I didn't have any cat untill I moved in my own house. Now my hobby is to feed abandoned cats. There are always a cat around me.


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