Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Day #1 Christmas Kickstart Challenge #79 - Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge: Remembering Janis Woolbright

Welcome, welcome, welcome! 

I'm so happy that this day has finally arrived and we're ready to play The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge and remember our dear friend Janis Woolbright.

For many crafters October meant Janis's Cat Lovers Blog Hop, and all the excitement and furry fun that this would bring. Sadly, Janis passed away in January of this year. At this time I was planning my year ahead for Christmas Kickstart and thinking about how I could do a tie-in with Janis's Hop for October 2023. I was going to ask her to be my October guest designer/elf and offer to assist with her hop; however the news of her passing overtook everything.

Like so many, I was deeply saddened by Janis's loss. I wanted to do something to pay tribute to her and the lovely person that she was. Back in January I wrote a brief tribute post about Janis. However, this just didn't seem like enough and I couldn't put the idea out of my head of wanting to do something more. I emailed her son, James, to run an idea past him and together we discussed what has become this challenge. James was so kind and so encouraging, and I'm honoured to have his and the family's blessing to remember Janis in this way. Thanks James; I hope we do your mom proud over the next few weeks. I am so grateful you agreed to let me do this.

I also ran the idea past my partner-in-crafting-crime, Gail AKA Iona B Unny and, as always, she's been full of ideas and great support. Thanks so much, Gail!


To get things started I put out the call to some of the gals who assisted Janis in previous years and they quickly agreed to pay tribute to her by becoming involved.  Collectively, they are Janis' Helpful Hoppers, but you'll also know them as... 


And please send some love to Karen who helped with the preparation for the challenge, but has ongoing care commitments which mean she won't be able to take part. Thanks for all your help.

I contacted past sponsors to see if they'd be prepared to sponsor this Challenge. I'm so grateful so many have said yes. To say I've been blown away by their response is an understatement. Janis was truly loved and valued by the cardmaking community, and I've been humbled to walk in her steps while pulling things together for this tribute challenge.

I've unapologetically used Janis's Cat Lovers Hop as the template for The Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge. Janis had everything down to a fine art, and I always loved how the pages looked and how she helped participants navigate around the posts. Any mistakes, broken links etc etc are mine, and I'd appreciate a heads-up if you notice anything amiss! You can email me (Jo) at dottypudding (at) aol.com.

So, what's happening for the 
Cat Lovers Christmas Challenge?

Yes, this is badged as a 'Challenge' rather than a 'Hop', but I'd love it if we all did HOP and visit one another just like we did for The Cat Lovers Hop. The sense of friendship and community is one of the things I will always treasure about Janis's Hops.

We'll have some games and some prizes. Regular participants here at Christmas Kickstart will be familiar with Rudolph's Random Raffle, and the rather dashing reindeer who runs the whole thing and randomly picks the prize winners. Here he is:

Rudolph will be helping to select our PRIZE WINNERS at the end of the month, and don't forget it'll all be done randomly. Some of the games will have a standalone prize, while winning other games will add your name into the overall Random Prize Draw for a second, third, fourth or whatever time! I hope that makes some sense... That whole sentence sounded waaaay better in my head then it just did reading it back!


Sponsors Roll Call
He's a list of the Sponsors who've kindly agreed to provide prizes for this challenge.

Art Impressions


Blank Page Muse and I Brake for Stamps

Brutus Monroe

Colorado Crafts Company

The Crafters Workshop


Gerda Steiner Designs

Heffy Doodle

Honey Bee Stamps


Jane’s Doodles

Kat Scrappiness

Lawn Fawn

Leigh SB Designs

Lost Coast Design

Newton’s Nook

Old Island Stamps

Pink and Main

Poppy Stamps

Pretty Pink Posh

Riley and Company (Added 7.10.23)

Rubber Dance Stamps

Seven Hills Crafts

Taylored Expressions

Time 4 Tea

Unity Stamps

Viva Las Vegastamps

Waffle Flower

Whimsy Stamps

Your Next Stamp

 and last, but not least

Fiki - Pear Blossom Press – $25 Gift Voucher. 

Many of them are returning sponsors who supported Janis throughout the 8 years of The Cat Lovers Hop. Thank you to them all, I am beyond grateful to everyone on this list and I've been so touched by the responses I've received from you all. I couldn't manage to make contact with all of Janis' Sponsor Family so if you notice a company is missing it is probably for this reason. During these difficult times when finances are tight I cannot believe the generosity of the sponsors - many of whom are small companies working hard to make a living. Thank you to you all. 

Christmas Kickstart is a challenge blog, but just for this month we'll be having Random Winners only. To be honest, this is to make my life a little easier as I'll only be awarding Random Prizes. I'll announce all the WINNERS in the first week of November to fall in line with our usual pattern of announcements here at Christmas Kickstart. For each game we'll have a Random Winner and I'll be drawing Random Winners from everyone who links up in the gallery too. There are so many sponsors and plenty of prizes, and you'll get to find out the range of Random Prizes as our Challenge unfolds!

I won't be posting every day during October, but I do plan to spread the fun throughout the month, so please keep checking back to see what's happening and to link up in the gallery and for the games.

Should I post your badge with my project?
Yes, please put this badge on your posts so your readers will know which projects you've created for this challenge! I understand that participants with Flickr accounts and the like won't be able to post the badge. That's fine, just grab it and add it if you can!

This is Day #1, and this is the page with the LINKY to enter your challenge creations, please don't forget this is a Christmas Challenge, so try and make your cards both CAT and Christmas themed.

In the comments box following this post please sign up in the same way you did for Janis's Cat Lovers Hop and answer the following questions in your comment:

TO SIGN IN Please leave a comment below with the following information:

1. What country you live in.

2. Your email address (in code is fine).

3. "Digis okay" or "No digis, please".

4. Tell me how many times you participated in The Cat Lovers Hop. (Commenting and/or linking up a project counts as participating! So even if you were not able to make a project, but did hop around and leave some comments that counts!)

5. Alternate usernames on different platforms so I know who you are if you are a random winner there.

Welcome to the Party!

Here are the RULES for The Cat Lovers Challenge

  • Please enter a max of 6 cards for this challenge.
  • Add the URL link from your project after it has been uploaded to your online craft gallery or blog to the Linky tool
  • Please mention and link back to this post/blog to let people know about this fun challenge!
  • I'd appreciate cards made especially for this challenge, but I understand that we all love challenges and the additional traffic they bring, so please link a card that fits NO MORE THAN 10 CHALLENGES including this. 
  • Preferably no back linking to older projects, please.
  • Please remember to reference a fellow crafter's creations if your card has been inspired by their work.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter


  1. Hello Hello, let the celebration commence. This is awesome. I am so looking forward to this. Hope you get lots of people playing along. Thanks to all the generous sponsors.
    I am in Norway
    craftynomad at gmail dot com
    no digis please
    I participated in all the Cat Lovers Hops
    I use ionabunny online

    Thanks for organising this Jo. HUGZ

    1. Thanks for getting things rolling today! And thanks for all your help too, Jo x

  2. Yay, Jo! It's finally here! I am happy to take part and to fondly remember my dear friend, Janis. I never missed any of Janis's Cat Lovers Hops and I surely would not miss this challenge in her memory. I am so grateful that you organized it, and for all the time and work you put into it. Thank you to the long list of generous sponsors - prizes always make everything more fun! In answer to your sign-in questions, here are my responses:
    1. Canada
    2. fitkitty1 (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. No digis, please (I have so many)
    4. I participated in every Cat Lovers Hop, all 8 of them! It was the highlight of my craft year!
    5. KT Fit Kitty, Fit Kitty, fitkitty1, Stamping Kitty, fitkit2018, and Karen Garber on FB; however, I am not active on social media other than my blog.

    Thank you, Jo, awesome job, and I'm looking forward to this month of feline fun!

    1. Thanks so much, Kitty. I'm so grateful for all your help and encouragement. The Cat Lovers Hop was such a big part of my crafting year too - I'm so happy we're all playing together again to remember Janis. Big hugs, Jo x

  3. I'm in awe of all the efforts you have already put into this and all the amazing sponsors. I had been wanting to participate in some of the recent Cat Lovers Hops that Janis organised, but somehow never got around to do so. Hope I can join in the fun this time in honour of Janis's memory and to make my 4 cats proud.
    1. Greece
    2. mcv dot 029 gmail dot com
    3. Digis ok
    4. I don't think I ever managed to play, but I think I left some comments once or twice.
    5. Marianne or cretancrafter

    1. 5. Marianne V occasionally if a last name initial is required. 😁

  4. Hey Jo - thanks for doing this! I should've hopped more, being a great cat lover. Janis was lovely to me as a sender for the Card Chain and I cherish the gift she sent me. Fabulous sponsors - thank you!
    *from MN USA
    *scrappin(dot)bari at good ol' yahoo
    *digis are fine
    *Sadly, I didn't link up to any of the hops
    *just use the name I commented with
    Hope I did it all right & I've already pulled out some kitty supplies to use!

  5. mandysea Australia. Been with Janis since the very beginning so 8 years and loved every moment. Not on any social media. Thanks Jo for this wonderful opportunity

    1. Oh and forgot my email mandydodd at bigpond dot com

  6. Hello Jo and lovely Cat Lovers around the world!
    This is going to be so much fun, yet sad and poignant as we remember the lovely Janis. Thank you, Jo, for organising this challenge event and thank you to all the generous sponsors.
    I only started blogging in 2016 and so that was my first Cat Lovers Hop - I make it seven that I took part in. I was hooked from the start and looked forward to the event each October.
    In answer to your questions:
    1. I'm from the UK
    2. caroleannjones2 at msn dot com
    3. No digis, thank you.
    4. I took part in seven Cat Lovers Hops
    5. Carole Jones, Carole J, carole.jones2, CaroleAJ (all unique and original ... hahaha)

  7. Congratulations for organizing the commemoration for Jenis, you managed to coordinate so many beautiful, generous people. God bless you for your dedication. a hug Taty by Scrapper with passion

  8. How wonderful to carry this on in Janis' memory! She was an inspiration to me and I enjoyed her annual event!
    1. I'm in the US.
    2. deniseb777ATgmailDOTcom
    3. No digis, please
    4. I participated all 8 years! The first year or two, just by commenting. Once I figured out how to post photos of my cards to a gallery, I participated with cards each year thereafter!
    5. Denise Bryant on FB and Pinterest, @cococrafts on IG.

    1. Had to start up a new IG account because the one I mentioned above was suspended. Currently using @d.a.bryant

  9. Hello
    This is such a beautiful way to remember our dearJanis.
    I never missed any Cat Lovers Hops.
    Thank you for organazing this hop.
    big thanks to all sponsors.
    3.yes digis :)
    4.never missed cat lover hop.
    5.Fiki or Fikreta

    Let's hop around!

  10. What a lovely way to remember sweet Janis. Thank you for doing this and all the hard work of getting it all organized. Janis was a very special lady!
    1. United States
    2. theladystamper2000atyahoo.com
    3. No on the digis...I'm terrible at using them.
    4. I did all the cat lovers hops except the very first one. I didn't know
    about it....grrrrr. Looked forward to them each year afterwards though.
    5. @bevscreativepath on Instagram

    Let's get this party started as we remember Janis!

  11. I am happy for your initiative, it's a so beautiful tribute to Janis, who certainly is in our hearts and is misses by all of us cat lovers crafters!! I'm also so glad to know that her son blesses this way to remember Janis!
    Thank you so much for organizing this hop, and thanks also so much to all the Janis' Helpful Hoppers and to all the wonderful supportive Sponsors!! This is another proof that the crafters community is a little piece of heaven in this world.

    1) I'm from Italy
    2) veleggiando07 AT gmail DOT com
    3) digis ok
    4) If comments are valid, I never miss the Cat Lovers Hop!
    5) Alice / scrAPpamondo

  12. I LOVE that you are continuing this for Janis!!!
    I have done it for 4-5 years and big thanks to all sponsors.
    2. meghan.kennihan@gmail.com
    3. no digis please
    4. 4-5 years
    5. madebymeghank meghan kennihan @megs1768

    Let's hop around!

  13. I'm so glad to see this lovely tribute to Janis and the Cat Lovers Hop. I was saddened by the idea that we would be without such a Ct Lovers gathering this year.
    1. USA
    2. prfconnie (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. Digis are fine
    4. All 8 years
    5. NanaConnie or Nana Connie on FB

  14. Hello! I'm so excited for this! I have been joining in since 2019.
    1. USA
    2. suzanne.harkinson@gmail.com
    3. digis ok
    4. I have been joining in since 2019
    5. Suzanne Harkinson on Flickr, suzphark@gmail.com, spharky@yahoo.com

  15. Awesome tribute to Janis! Wonderful that there is such interest to participate and sponsor. I have two kitties who feature a lot in my digiscrapping!
    1. Australia
    2. jemlou.products@gmail.com
    3. love digis
    4. I don't think I linked up to this challenge :( I am organising something now!
    5. Lou, Lou Z, Lou Z from JemLou Productions, ziesenil

    Look forward to seeing everyone's work.

  16. Love that you are doing this tribute to Janis...
    1. Australia
    2. susanrenshaw0404@gmail.com
    3. "Digis okay"
    4. 5 times

  17. Dear Jo, now I'm just speechless and I have a few tears in my eyes. When you told me about it, I thought it would be a normal Kickstart Challenge with a memory of Janis.
    But it's so much more and it's awesome!!! I'm thrilled and thank everyone who supports you and also a big thank you to the sponsors. It's her way of showing her appreciation for Janis.
    Of course I'm there, in memory of Janis, her love for cats, her love for people, her happiness, her warmth.... Thank you Janis for letting me get to know you!!!
    1. Germany
    2. info(at)papierelle . de
    3. "Digis okay"
    4. 2 times
    5. papierelle24 on instagram

  18. Hi Jo
    I am afraid that i didn't take part in any of the Cat Lovers Hops but as you know I do like to take part in the Kickstart challenge, so I have made a cat themed card for this months theme.
    3.no digis
    4. i am afraid I missed these Hops.
    5.Sally, created by sally, cinnamonsally.

  19. Hi Jo,
    I. U.K.
    2. Craftingwithjack-dot-ak-at-gmail-dot-com
    3.no Digis please
    4. Four years of participating in Janis’s Cat Lovers hops.
    5. Craftingwithjack; Angela,

  20. Hi Jo! I'm back from vacation and ready to dedicate this month to our dear, sweet friend, Janis! I know we all miss her. And I just know that she is beaming with happiness in heaven that we are doing this.
    1. USA - South Florida
    2. rebyah1 @gmail.com (and winsx5 @yahoo.com for the quiz answers)
    3. no digis
    4. I have participated in all but One (my Mom passed away right before the start of the hop in 2017 so ... )
    5. Rebecca Yahrling, Beccab217

  21. Hello to all!
    1. USA
    2. dkbgabysnana at gmail dot com
    3. digis are ok
    4. I have no clue if I've participated in the past. I don't even know what I had for dinner last night. We're having spaghetti and meatballs tonight.
    5. DebiB, DebiBrile

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Hi Jo, Thank you for having this event, I'm sure Janis is happy that the hop continued. I always look forward to the cat hop and love seeing all the projects. Also, a big Thank You to the sponsors! :)
    1. USA
    2. CraftyPinkPixie (at) gmail (Dot) com
    3. Please no digis, I don't have a printer.
    4. I have participated in 4 or 5 hops now.
    5. Crafty Pink Pixie (Blog and IG). Tasha RJ (FB)

  24. Great event Jo....
    1. I'm from New Zealand
    2. dawn.turley (at) gmail.com
    3. Digi's are fine for me
    4. Haven't entered but have done some commenting on friend's who have (ie Jo!)
    5. dawntnz on insta... Dawn Turley on FB

  25. WOW! Talk about an incredible event to honour Janis! You've really put heart-and-love into every aspect of it...and given how many aspects there are, that's a LOT of heart-and-love! Lily, my mini schnauzer, says that I'm allowed to play along with some cat cards...just as long as no real cats come to our house. LOL!
    1. I'm in Canada
    2. cmayne (at) shaw.ca
    3. No digis, thank you.
    4. Alas, I didn't enter any of the hops.
    5. Blog is Justme:c; Instagram is c.justme

  26. Oh wow! So excited to finally be here. What a beautiful tribute to Janis! Thank you Jo for all of your hard work and for your friendly welcome! Looking forward to seeing everyone's beautiful projects! Thank you also to the generous sponsors! Jo, what a wonderful thing to do in memory of Janis!
    1. USA
    2. racerfan2017(at)outlook.com
    3. digis o.k.
    4. I can't remember the exact number, but I know I was there for three or more. (My memory is awful!!!)
    5. Catnip & Kitty Whiskers (blog), racerfan, hoptownracer1, Chris Craft

  27. Really appreciate your hard work put into this lovely tribute, and so happy to enter.
    2. gillettlesley at gmail dot com
    3. No digits thank you
    4. No idea , but at least two!
    5. Blog and Facebook LesleysCraftroom

  28. OMGoodness! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog with the link pointing me in this direction! I didn't know anything about it. What a lovely thing to do in Janis' memory! She was such a sweetheart and put so much effort into her hops every year. And how nice of the sponsors to continue as well. I'm definitely ready to play! Here is my info:
    1. USA
    2. lbturner58 at mail dot com (not gmail, just mail)
    3. No digis
    4. I participated in four of Janis' hops
    5. leslie.b.turner (Facebook) -- lbturner58 (Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) -- turnerl58 (Splitcoast Stampers)

  29. Great Event Jo!
    3.no digis , please
    4.I may have participated years ago
    5.super stick chick

  30. Hi
    Thank you for organizing this hop in dear memory of our Janis.
    1. I'm from Slovenia
    2. valerija.puksic@gmail.com
    3. Digis are fine too.
    4. I participated in a few Cat Lovers Hops.
    5. Valerija Jakolič on FB and @valerija.jakolic (Valerija Jakolič) on Instagram

  31. Awesome! Cat lover myself.
    Live in the US.
    no digis for me
    don't remember how often I did the hop
    cornelia_fun_stamping on IG

  32. Thank you, Dotty Jo for letting me know about this in honor of dear Janis.

    1. USA
    2. ellibellescorner@gmail.com
    3. No digis please.
    4. This would be my 3rd time participating
    5. Ellibelle, Ellie

  33. Great Event Jo! Oops, just noticed I came up as anonymous. Lets try again.
    3.no digis, please
    4.I may have participated years ago
    5.super stick chick and snazzyjj

  34. I'm fairly new to Kickstart and this time just playing along for fun and to support this special event.

  35. Hello to all! This challenge is such a wonderful way to remember Janis.
    1. I live in the USA
    2. Email dhell@gte.net
    3. Digis okay
    4. This is my first year participating.
    5. Deborah Hellman Instagram @hellmad

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. I'm a regular Christmas Kickstart participant so want to join in with this special one!
    1. Canada
    2. susanbridgman@gmail.com
    3. no digis, please
    4. sadly never took part in the hop
    5. susanbri on SCS

  38. I Live in the USA
    No digis
    This is my first time participating

  39. I am so happy you all are doing this...it's a wonderful way to honor her memory.
    I live in the USA
    roni jj at gmail (dot) com
    No Digi's please
    I participated in 3-4 of the Cat Lovers Hop when Gail introduced me to them.
    I am Roni JJ or Ink Stained Roni most everywhere.
    Again, thanks for this wonderful challenge.

  40. Great event and a wonderful memorial.

    1. UK

    2. helenann_1971@yahoo.com

    3. Digis okay

    4. Tell me how many times you participated in The Cat Lovers Hop - I think I took part 2 years

    5. I'm Helen on all platforms

  41. II'm excited to participate
    I live in the USA
    yes digis
    This is my first time. Kat Scrappiness is a sponsor.
    Von Marie or vonmariedesign

  42. Hi there. I had not heard of The Cat Lovers challenge, sorry to say. I do love cats and I do love challenges.
    1. California, USA
    2. afmmac12 at gmail.com
    3. Digis ok
    4. I never played because, unfortunately, I had never heard of it.
    5. Arlene

  43. First time joining in for me - Dudley is listening!
    1. Hampshire, England
    2. di_wray AT hotmail.com
    3. No digis thank you
    4. My first time, partly due to lack of time running the Snippets Playground Challenge
    5. Di /Diane (Pixies Crafty Workshop and The Snippets Challenge)

  44. Such a lot of work for you and I'm sure appreciated by many.
    1. UK
    2. lynne(dot)robson(at)ntlworld(dot)com
    3. No digis please
    4. Not played before as had not heard about it.
    5. Lynne Robson, LynneR, @lrobson6

  45. Wow - what a lovely tribute to your friend!
    1. UK
    2. helenbrammer(at)hotmail(dot)com
    3. No digis, thank you (sadly neither of my printers give usable results :(
    4. Somehow I missed the Cat Lovers Hop, so this is my first time
    5. Not an active public user on any other platforms

  46. How lovely to be part of this -
    1. Wales
    2 fionawhitehead(at)icloud(dot)com
    3 No digis thank you
    4. Yes I joined in with a cat lovers Hop
    5 craftystamping.blogspot.com

  47. I love that you are doing this for Janis and all of the participation is wonderful to see. I heard about it thru the Art Impressions Blog.

    1. USA
    2. debbiehedges (at) msn (dot) com
    3. No digis, please
    4. This is my first time with the Cat Lovers Hop.
    5. I am not on any other platforms

  48. Hello! What a lovely tribute to your friend. So happy to be able to be a part of this.
    1. Canada
    2. pnagin@hotmail.com
    3. Digis ok
    4. This is the third year I’ve participated.
    5. IG: @_penguinparade

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. Love that you are doing this! What a beautiful tribute!
    1. USA
    2. gennjohn68 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    3. Digis okay
    4. 1st time. Heard about it through Art Impressions.
    5. nettie.houghton (IG)

  51. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to Janis, Jo! She is smiling and watching happily!
    1. USA
    2. darnell dot knauss at gmail dot com
    3. No digis
    4. I hope it's okay to say I have no idea! My rememberer isn't working great any more!❤

  52. Really heartwarming tribute! Thank you for all yours and Janis HHs’ hard work to pull this together.
    1. Canada
    2. trinapcrafts (at) gmail (dot) com
    3. no digis
    4. actively participated for the first time last year
    5. IG: Phamtastic_Design

  53. A wonderful tribute!

    1. USA
    2. Funcrazgrl at gmail dot com
    3. “No digis, please". Thanks
    4. I’m actually not sure if I’ve participated before.
    5. Lazziej (IG)

  54. I am terribly late to the game. I saw it last weekend and started creating. Better late than never. What a lovely way to remember someone. Wouldn't she be pleased and feel so special for this tribute to her? Thank you for working so hard to put this together.
    1. USA
    2. Bunnycardmaker at gmail dot com
    3. No digis, please
    4. I don't know how many times I've participated. I know I can't find one of the cats I used one time.
    5. I don't have social media except for my blog. If I comment on YouTube it's under the name Bunny the Rabbit. [Bunny]

    1. I saw Ionabunny's card on the Tic Tac Toe challenge. Loved that digi she used and how cute her card was. If it's okay, I'd like to change my answer on #3 to "Digis are okay, please".

  55. Signing in so hopefully I will be able to play along with the fun!! I live in the USA, my email is hmills22@gmail.com, no digis please, I have participated in one or two of the Cat Lover's Blog Hop--I think as a commenter only, I don't have any other names I will be using. Thank you!! This is such a great way to honor Janis' memory.

  56. So pleased to be joining in this tribute to Janis.
    I. I live in the UK
    2. liz (dot) cavill (at) talk21 (dot) com
    3. No digis please.
    4. This is the first year I've linked up a card, but I've joined in by commenting for the last couple of years.
    5. Sometimes known as Crafty Sunflower, my blog name.

    1. Forgot to say that I often add my full name of Liz Cavill. xx

  57. What a wonderful tribute and LeighSBDesigns is delighted to be a sponsor in loving memory of Janis! Val and I have just shared our Santa Puss makes.
    1. Leigh is in the USA, Val in the UK
    2. LeighSBDesigns at yahoo dot com (valscraftings at yahoo dot co dot uk
    3. we love digis
    4. Played & sponsored every year except the 1st one
    Leigh and Val

  58. Nan
    chotton at gmail dot com
    Played 4 years
    This is a lovely way to remember Janis!

  59. Hi
    Thank you so much for organizing this hop in dear memory of our Janis.
    1. I'm from Slovenia
    2. tina.zapusek@gmail.com
    3. Digis are fine too.
    4. I participated in almost all Cat Lovers Hops ... I think.
    5. Tina Z Treebug on FB and Instagram
    thank you.

  60. Hi, This is an amazing tribute to Janis who I didn't know but who was clearly a much loved member of the crafting community. Even though i didn't know Janis I thought it would be great to show support to what is wonderful community-minded initiative to remember her xx
    1. UK
    3. No digis, please
    4. Sadly I never particpated in the Cat Lovers' hop. I started my blog in 2008, but for personal and work reasons i was mostly away from crafting from mid 2013 until spring 2021, which may explain why I didn't know Janis.
    5. Pauline C on my blog - https://passionforpapercraft.blogspot.com

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. I love that we remember our creative friends this way. I didn't participate in blog hops myself, but occasionally I participated in the challenge with a greeting card or a comment.
    1. Slovenia
    2. marjeta.gomboc@gmail.com
    3.Digis are Ok
    4. I think I didn't participate on Blog hope, bt I participate in challeges occasionally and coment.
    5. Marjeta Gomboc, on Fb and Instagram, Marjeta on bloh


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